Frost Wyam is the weapon of choice for serious professional gamer seeking a combination of comfort and lethal gaming precision. Equipped with state of art technology and ergonomic design, Frost Wyam is the formidable weapon which your opponent most feared.
Onboard Memory
5 configurable mouse settling profiles of your specific needs can be stored and play on any computer.
DPI sensitivity adjustment
On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment allows gamers
to switch between sensitivity setting without interuption during gameplay.
Personalised Interface
Unique driver interface
gives gamers a whole new experience while configuring
their specific setting and profile.
Sensentational Touch
Omron Micro switch
ensure gamers rapid continous clicking with
ultra fast response and excellent peformance.
High-End Gaming Processor
Avago gaming chip is
adopted for unrivaled
gaming performance.
Lethal Precision
UPE Teflon material is use to achieve maximum glide and acute precision for movement during gameplay.
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