Laser Sensor
FPS scan rate: 12.000 per second over the distance: 150 + (inch) high-precision sensor: 108,000 pixels / sec CPI: 5.000 Maximum acceleration: 30 G-sensing distance: true 16-bit
DPI sensitivity adjustment
On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment allows gamers to switch between sensitivity setting without interuption during gameplay.
Personalised Interface
Unique driver interface gives gamers a whole new experience while configuring their specific setting and profile.
Sensentational Touch
Omron Micro switch ensure gamers rapid continous clicking with ultra fast response and excellent peformance.
High-End Gaming Processor
Avago 9500 gaming chip is adopted for unrivaled gaming performance.
Lethal Precision
UPE Teflon material is use to achieve maximum glide and acute precision for movement during gameplay.
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